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Pastor Jacobs is a trailblazer born in Chicago, IL answered the Pastoral call on his life in 1992. He has dedicated his life to Evangelism and to help build secondary leadership in the Body of Christ. Pastor Jacobs was called into ministry and prepared in the Evangelistic Field in 1975 under late Bishop A.C Richards Senior.


 God has anointed Apostle Jacobs to preach his word with boldness, power and conviction. God has also gifted him with spiritual gifts of prophecy, healing and faith, and through these gifts he has impacted the lives of many.


Apostle Greg Jacobs is the Pastor of Fellowship of Believers in Chicago Heights, IL.  Through his dedication, prayer and commitment to building the kingdom of God. Apostle Greg Jacobs is instrumental in facilitating many Leadership & Prophetic Conferences in first and secondary leadership. His passion is to bring strength and encouragement to those who struggle in the ministry.


Apostle Jacobs received his Doctorates of Ministry from the International College of Bible Theology in the State of Missouri in 1995. He is also the recipient of several awards and commendations and received his Ordination as a Bishop from the International Pentecostal Assemble Ecumenical and became Assistant Prelate Bishop.


Apostle Jacobs has traveled international preaching the word of God with his Explosive Evangelistic Anointing. God has anointed Apostle Jacobs to preach his word with boldness, power and conviction.


In 1982, Apostle Jacobs began his training as he assisted in the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ under Pastor Zepha Craig, in Harvey, IL.  He was president of Ministerial Alliance, Training of Ministers, Sunday School and Youth Leader. The Apostolic and Prophetic cultivated in Pastor Jacobs where he was trained and mentored by his spiritual father Apostle Michael Goings from South Carolina.


Apostle Jacobs heart is to see the body of Christ walk in excellence and be properly trained and aligned. He has recently launched a new ministry “Greg Jacobs Ministries International” . His mission is to Stir, Release and Activate Secondary Leadership in their call. He and His wife Pastor Tina Jacobs have one child, a lovely daughter Felicia.


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